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Resor till Malaga / Travels to Malaga

Här hittar du länder till flygbolag och uthyrningsfirmor samt sökmotorer som ska ge bästa pris.
Detta hjälper dig att få mer för dina pengar när du ska ut och resa.

Here you will find links to airlines and car rental companies as well as search engines.
This can help you to find the cheapest travels and let you get the most out of your money and holiday.

Flyg / Flights

Dessa flygbolagen direkt eller med en mellanlandning till Malaga flygplats / AGP.
Tänk på att nästan samtliga nu har ett lägsta pris och att bagage, sätesreservation samt förtäring ombord kostar extra.

These airlines frequently fly to and from Malaga or show up in searches with one stop.
When you book your flights or looking for the best airfares; have in mind that there are add-ons for seating and bagage.
Here is a table for which airlines and the different charges that can be added:

AIRLINE Airlinetype Luggage Hand luggage Seating charge Meals





Sökmotorer / Search engines

The best prices you might find by using one of these search-engines.
There are more to be found but we have tested the most of them and they are
not consistent when you get the results;
when you try to book the prices changes and not in your favour......
So go for these: