E-commerce is taking the world lead in all fields of marketing and sales.

Using APSIS would put you in the lead

FaceBook and home pages do not rule this scene anymore, it is good designed e-newsletters to
interested recipients that take over this market more and more for every day.

The latest figures for the effect of proper email marketing like Apsis is fourteen, 14, times the result for social media
as FaceBook etc. What would you prefer in use of time and monet?

For this we recommend Apsis, a well proven solution with all the necessary tools to be successful
within the field of e-Commerce. Newsletters, surveys and events; all through one log-in.


We at Sispain will be glad to give you a tour of the features that could be at your hand tomorrow!

This can be done at your premisses or via the internet at your convenience.

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